All About Me

Quite simply I love cooking but especially when we have family and friends round to share it with. I spend a lot of time researching recipes trying them out and adapting them to my own tastes. There are several cooks / chefs that I regularly follow, Tom Kerridge, Hairy Bikers, Ina Garten, Jamie Oliver and many more.

I also do a bit of baking and love to decorate my cakes creating fun novel designs that hopefully bring a smile to those who see them. I don’t run a business but have made cakes for friends to use as fundraisers for charity events. I do of course make the occasional cake for members of my family or on request from friends for special events, birthdays etc.

I am very new to using this type of media so hopefully you will bear with me as I navigate my way around the pages, profile and blogs.

My intention is to share some of my recipes, photos and update you with what is going on in my life and community.

I have to tell you the next big event in my life is that my husband and I will soon be moving home, but more of that later.IMG_1136


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